You Know It’s November When…

The temperature drops 30 degrees overnight.  Oh, but we were warned, so we went out to embrace the front, the wind howling from the south, still warm.  The clouds gathered in the valley, the sky darkened, the weeds shuddered…very gradually, drops began to fall.  It rained all night.  This morning, I went through the house pulling the glass panes down over the screens in all the windows.  The furnace rumbled to life every few minutes.  The trees are mostly bare.  It is late fall at last and winter is just around the corner.  I dearly wish I had a fireplace or woodstove…

14 thoughts on “You Know It’s November When…

  1. I can see the way the wind is blowing here in Seattle as well, and it points the way to winter! My brother lives in a condo with no fireplace, but he bought a beautiful electric one–much nicer than the usual ones–and he uses it not only for heat, but for ambience. It serves very well to hang a stocking from too!

  2. The snow rarely blows where I live, but I always keep a rack of firewood. There’s nothing that I enjoy more than being home, on a cold winter’s night, enjoying a fire in my fireplace. Stay warm and enjoy the snowflakes.

  3. It’s not that cold here yet..only dropped just below zero on a very few occasions overnight….Which is really just as well considering we are currently relying on a single 1000 watt fan heater….brrrr.
    ‘Pointing the Way’ and ‘The Path’ for me too please….

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