Tower Perspectives

Buddhism teaches me much about the interconnectedness of all things, about perspective in consciousness, about the dangers of dogma and claiming to know the capital T “Truth” about anything.  What is this thing in front of you?  You can give it a name, describe it with words and symbols, but that is not the reality of that thing.  Those words and symbols are useful but limited.  The experience of that thing is more, more than you can describe or symbolize, more than you can communicate.  Yesterday, I went to Lapham Peak State Park and climbed a tower.  Here are three different views of the tower.  How do I convey the experience, the wind, the dizzying aspect of ascent, the vast horizon, the humor of humans who visit and the irony of our inability to depict our emotions and our consciousness of grand things?  Perhaps these shots will give you a partial idea.

What do you “beleve”?

8 thoughts on “Tower Perspectives

  1. On Monday evening I attended my first meditation class at my local Buddhist centre… It was wonderful .. It’s a 6 week course – 2.5 hours each session with a day long ( saturday!! ) near the end. We are asked to use the 30 minute guided meditation that we were given on CD and to keep a diary of our experiences.. I have been meaning to go for years and am very happy that I have finally set aside time for this Scilla.. it will help me on a personal level and to be a more effective peace activist I’m sure.. hugs

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