Canon Practice 2

Still learning basics on my new Canon Rebel T3i.  Yesterday, I went out for a walk.  Here are some things I found:

This last photo I’ve titled “Up and to the right”.    Like the graph of increasing complication showing that line going “up and to the right”.  Speaking of which, I am now using Canon’s EOS photo processing software…a whole lotta new tools to learn how to use.  Sometimes, I just want to rebel and go back to stick drawings in the dirt.  Maybe my Rebel will remind me of that.  Makes me think of one of my favorite movies: The Gods Must Be Crazy.  Seriously, how did we get so incredibly technical in our tools and so dull at human interaction?  Grocery store clerk yesterday seemed to look right through me as she asked me if I wanted help bagging up my purchases.  For contrast: I found a privately owned gas station in my town where the owner hopped out of the office to pump my gas for me.  “Stop by again; I’ll take good care of you,” he said.  Price was 4 cents less per gallon than the Mobil station 2 blocks down.  Let’s not turn into robots, even if computers can take good pictures.  

8 thoughts on “Canon Practice 2

  1. Lovely pictures! You are so right about human interaction. My girls always laugh at me because I refuse to use those automatic checkout lines at the store, not because I don’t know how to use them but just the very idea that it’s another thing in our lives that eliminates human contact; like speaking to a machine on the phone. Pump your own gas, check out your own books at the library, pay for parking at the the machine. Another reason, possibly, why so many are unemployed now, especially since all these machines are probably made in other countries!

    • What would happen if we created jobs by removing machines? You’d have more payroll cost but less maintenance and upgrade expenses, I suppose. Think it’d work?


    • Glad you like the rails! (thought of you, actually!) Camera oscura – the dark room with a hole in the wall – is far in the past. Some day we should visit one, though, just to stay grounded.


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