Curiosity, creativity, collaboration, compassion.

Spontaneity, self-esteem, self-reliance, morality.


Ignorance, competition, capitalism, aggression.

Complaint, dogma, habit, paranoia. 


Love and appreciation. 

Ego and aversion.




I observe humanity, myself included.  What’s been in the news and on my mind?  Landing a roving data-collector on Mars.  The fatal shootings at a Sikh gurdwara here in Wisconsin.  (My sister is a Sikh.)  Drought and global warming.  Conversations with Steve about who we want to be, how we want to live, what risks we are willing to take, what new modes of being we want to develop.  Trying to see my inner self and assess it with honesty and compassion.   Hoping and yearning for my children.   Monitoring my energy. 

We are living.  We claim and generate energy, all the time.   The flow of that energy is governed by our choices.  (Ours and other living things’, although we humans are the ones who make cognitive choices.  Plants, animals, planets and cosmic particles participate in that flow differently.)  We are responsible for our choices.  Are we looking carefully and critically at those choices?  Are we blaming some other source for the results of our choices?  Are we even aware of the results or do we look the other way?

7 billion people.  We are making an impact on the Universe.  Do we like the results we observe?  Can we do better?  Can I do better?

5 thoughts on “Humanity

    • Hear! Hear! Savyan.. unfortunately much of the Western World doesn’t seem to be following that.. ( and probably lots of the less developed ( or more developed depending on perspective) I like your words at the beginning of this…

      • Concepts that have been on my mind while working a very busy weekend. I don’t have time to journal long paragraphs, but if I can just remember one word, it brings up all kinds of connective thoughts. Like pulling an ‘S’ hook out of a pile and coming up with a whole string of them…

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