Deflating *POP* Culture

How does anyone keep up with Pop Culture?  I used to watch the Olympics; now I don’t have a TV, so I’m not even going to attempt to know who is making the sports news.  I’m also not attempting to keep up with movies and music.  Or social networking: no Facebook or Twitter for me. 

Steve just asked me, “How much calmer would you be if you played in a string quartet every day?”  Right now we’re listening to Haydn.  I proposed an idea a few months ago that I thought would contribute greatly to creating political harmony.  I think every member of the President’s cabinet as well as all the representatives in the House and in the Senate should learn to play in chamber ensembles together.  Think of how good they would become at listening to each other!

So now I’m going to shut down the laptop and resist the “tyranny of the urgent”.  I will not learn one weird trick to reduce belly fat or make a chocolate cake in one bowl or find out which celebrity wore the dress better.  It’s not important, and it’s not worth my attention.  Steve and Haydn are.  ‘Night!

8 thoughts on “Deflating *POP* Culture

  1. I do yoga to balance out my Twitter/FB/blogging addictions 🙂 BUT I don’t own a smartphone so you’ll hardly see me looking down at a mini screen or texting. Do you listen to the radio?

  2. I don’t have TV either as you know.. but I do watch some things online sometimes. don’t own any sort of singing/dancing phone either nor do I twitter ( have an account but never log into it !) but after years of dissing Facebook I now LOVE it.. so good to keep in touch with people all over the world and with old friends from when I was younger..

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