The Root of the Issue

I love this fence.  It’s made from the roots of trees that were cleared to make farms.  It’s in the Finnish area of Old World Wisconsin.  I wish I had photographed it earlier in the season before the roadside weeds grew so tall.

Tomorrow, I have a day off, and I’m looking forward to being able to spend some time with some issues that have surfaced (again) in my inner life.  Grief is always there; I had another dream with Jim in it that made me wake in tears.  Existential angst is there; today, I found myself embroidering “Alle Menschen ist der Grasse” on my sample cloth.  And the differences between me and my partner Steve are always there.  I had a vision of this a few days ago where I saw him as an archaeologist in a deep quest for something, sweeping away at an artifact to remove bits of dust and reveal some very important discovery.  I saw myself as a widow who had lost everything, sitting among shards of broken glass, saying, “Oooh, sparkly!” to whichever bit caught her attention.  To be honest, I attribute some of this mood to the hormonal cycle that still influences every month.  However, cycles are natural, and to be brought back to a place of regular introspection is a good thing, I think.  Anyway, I may have something more poetic and cohesive to say about the meaning of life….later.

12 thoughts on “The Root of the Issue

  1. HI Scilla, this was a really good post. I dream too, and can usually find a very plausible interpretation. Whatever they mean, I would wish you peace, and a good night’s sleep.

    • Sometimes my dreams seem almost like textbook examples of something…my husband appeared without flesh, simply clothes in his shape. I misquoted Brahms’s Requiem. It should be “Denn alles Fleisch es ist wie Gras”.

  2. Hey Scilla..
    Angst is a bastard!
    However you deal I wish you well and hope that good days always outweight the bad.
    I try hard to swim the shallows…pondering the meaning of life never seems to do me any good at all…
    I like ‘Ooooh Sparkly’ more than I like introspection..
    and I like the sparkly possibilities of ‘later’. Nothing wrong with later.

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