Growing Up Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Life never ceases to enthrall me.   The will to take hold and thrive is powerfulPoor soil can take its toll on some plants, but others seem to do just fine clinging to nothing but rock.  I admire the adaptability and tenacity of plant life.  No excuses.  Grow where you are, or become soil for someone else.

But even tough cedars get sappy sometimes.

11 thoughts on “Growing Up Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  1. I know someone who took a photograph of a small pine growing on the branch of another type of tree. I wonder if it’s still growing or if it’s fallen away? It was really neat.

  2. Hey SG…
    Only just found this post as I couldnt log on while I was away…AMAZING shots…..The second is absolutely FAB….And note…I only CAPITALISE when I’m really IMPRESSED… WOW!!
    And you’re right plants don’t muck about…..An angst-ridden buttercup?? Never going to happen…

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