New World Wisconsin

I spent yesterday in the 21st century instead of the 19th, as I wasn’t working at Old World Wisconsin.  Here are some photos from my afternoon walk around the neighborhood. 

Actually, we do have peonies at OWW, too, but not this color.

Urban cottontail rabbits are much more brazen than the ones out in the country.

The weather is warm and breezy, and begging me to take a nap!  We had school tours for 4 solid hours today, meaning that I only stopped talking for 20 minutes during one rotation that only had 2 groups, and then for 30 minutes at lunch.   That nap is sounding like a real good idea!  

9 thoughts on “New World Wisconsin

  1. Aren’t peonies just glorious.. they start of with chunky buds and then burst out into huge flowers and last such a short time over here.. but I actually like that. I love the plant pots..
    At last we have heat and sun over here Scilla… glorious !

    • No, I don’t really have a garden. I’m a renter, but I did plant oregano and rosemary; so far unscathed. I did have a chipmunk eat a lily I had gotten as a gift. I don’t begrudge them the foraging, but I might feel differently if I’d spent a lot of time nurturing lettuces!

    • Hey, Stuart! I was thinking of you and the way you marry architecture and vegetation…in fact, I went to a limestone cave today and went ape with the ferns growing out of the rock, and thought about you some more! Look for future posts with “your theme”!

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