Borrowed Beauty

Today I have been impressed by the beauty and grace of others.   I sometimes think that is intimidating, but more and more I am learning to appreciate and celebrate what I notice without turning in judgment upon myself.  I admire the woman who gave me a “Thank You” gift for taking her shift at work.  This gift was hand-crafted, creative, personal, AND included chocolate!  Plus, it was totally unexpected, as she had already thanked me in a note the day I agreed to work for her.  This woman took the day off to go to her granddaughter’s school for Grandparents’ Day.  She is also an expert woodchopper, using the twitter and froe like a man half her age.  I told her that I struggle with that chore and frequently get stuck on the knot holes.  This is what she tucked into the little bag of chocolates for me:

I admire my next door neighbor’s garden and appreciate that she shares that beauty with the entire village.   I love the look of her irises, like bridesmaids dancing in the wind.

So, today I just wanted to take these graceful, thoughtful, beautiful gifts and pass them on.  I appreciate all the other bloggers out there who share their best on a regular basis.  Perhaps we can be a more graceful species after all.  

9 thoughts on “Borrowed Beauty

  1. I love when I must google a new word, but you have me stymied this time. I learned what a froe is, but google is too burdened by “follow us on twitter” to be useful in discovering what a twitter is. Please elucidate!

    • The twitter is the wooden mallet that you use to beat the free end of the froe (i.e. the end without the handle) down through the wood. I couldn’t find it on Google, either. I trust the other interpreters on this.

    • Indeed; perfectly good English words are now monopolized by a corporation. What happens if you Google “web”? Any spiders? Well, I just tried it…no arachnids on page 1 at least. *sigh*

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