It’s a Mystery

Geoffrey Rush’s voice must read the title of this post. 

And here are the photo mysteries of the day: why are these posts sticking out of the ground?  What are they for?  Who put them there?  When?  I would love to get some sample conjectures.  I am fascinated, as a historic interpreter, at the way we take clues and put them into the context of a story.  So tell me the story of these…

12 thoughts on “It’s a Mystery

  1. always a challenge with close-ups — not much context to go on. My guess is that it is some kind of corral. With all that beautiful grass, it should be a sheep-shearing pen.

  2. Dual purpose- keeps the animals you want to keep in and the ones you don’t want to eat them out ? Acts as a windbreak maybe to protect crops? No the gaps are too big..
    I have a feeling it is something more than this though as both these answers are way too simple!
    I hope you’re going to tell us!

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