Mid-day Napping

The windows are open; a warm breeze floats through the screen and caresses my cheeks.  Sunshine brightens patches of my orange bedsheets and makes a heating pad for my aching back.  I feel old today.  Probably because I am allowing myself to.  Today I do not need to greet visitors with a smile and pleasant conversation.  I can curl inward and feel the aches I have acquired in living.  I have a living history, too.  It involves struggle and fortitude and being foreign… like those German immigrants I talk about at work…though it is very different in its particulars. 

The art of self-comforting.  Breathing.  Slowing down.  Searching for health in the interior of being.  Acknowledging tender spots.  Bathing them in warmth.  And perhaps in tears.  I feel the love of my children, my husband, and of summer, wafting around me like a vapor of dreams in dappled green light.  I hang on by my toes to a branch of substance, and rock myself to sleep.

Death Valley, CA, last April. Photographed on the trail to Darwin Falls.

7 thoughts on “Mid-day Napping

  1. Beautiful Scilla and timely for me.. I have just heard that my mother is unwell in hospital 4 hours away and I now have to have contact again with my sister from whom I have been extranged for over 30 years; seeing her only once at my brothers funeral 7 years ago ( which was a disastrous meeting) … difficult times are ahead and I could do with some inner peace and self comforting..

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