A Day is a Miracle

Because today was our day off from working at Old World Wisconsin, Steve & I decided to take a walk at Vernon State Wildlife Refuge.  This marshy wetland is a favorite place to visit in all the seasons to see the changes in flora and fauna.  I think the last time I posted pictures, it was November.  Today, it was sunny, 78 degrees and very breezy.   The Canada geese had goslings following them everywhere.  The Sandhill cranes were nesting.  We saw a group of 3 flying in formation.  Why three?  No idea.  We saw lots of red-winged blackbirds pairing up, swallows, American gold finches, a snowy egret and two new ones to me that I had to look up: the yellow-headed blackbird and the rose-breasted grosbeak.

Sitting on the bank of the river looking at the puffy cumulus clouds streaming sunlight through their crisp edges brought me to tears.  It seems to me that the world is an absolute miracle, every day, every moment, but usually, the miracle that strikes us is that we finally slowed down long enough to see it.  I wonder about how to arrange my life to put more of this experience in.  Perhaps the trick is simply to arrange it so that I’m not shutting most of it out. 


Enjoy the miracle of life!

7 thoughts on “A Day is a Miracle

  1. Buy yourself a macro and that “better” camera you crave Scilla and you will make more and more time for contemplating and being at one with the nature that you love.. ( this is a half serious comment ! ) I love the scum photo and took one msyelf yesterday which I’m sure I’ll post at some point though mine is not a pretty colour like yours..
    I love the way ducks, geese, swans etc can look so ungainly when they are getting in and out of water..

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