Old World Windows

I am borrowing this post theme from a blogger in the UK, a very artistic (and witty!) photographer whose post you can find here.  His windows are truly Old World, mine are from my visit to Old World Wisconsin yesterday.  It was a fabulous day for being outside, and I will post more photos throughout the weekend from that trip.  Here is my rebuttal to Microsoft:

Enjoy your Friday, folks!

6 thoughts on “Old World Windows

  1. Wonderful…they sit very well alongside Stuart’s… and you’ve got double column!! Fabness !
    How did the interviews go? They were today weren’t they?

    • Thank you! Yes, I found a different theme that allowed me bigger type and a double-wide column. The interviews went well yesterday. Steve, Mr. Confidence, is sure that we will be offered jobs. I keep going over each little remark and obsessing about what it might have meant. Typical! Letting it go for now and hoping to hear something exciting in about 2 weeks!

  2. I’m likin’ the shots…I’m likin’ the layout……(and I really like the reflections…I’ve never ever managed that shot within a shot thing…love these).
    p.s. I think we need to work together to stop Hellen using phrases like ‘fabness’ and ‘coolness’……
    If she carries on it could be the thin end of the wedge….next thing we know she’ll be wearing her jeans below her bottom.

  3. I didn’t notice at first that I got my own hand and camera in those two shots, but I like them. I wish I had that Photoshop thing that squares up architectural angles. I have to be careful with you and Helen; you could be passing on completely phony bits of language on me, and I’d take it all as authentic British cool. 🙂

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