Photography Ups and Downs

So my son’s fabulous camera, a Nikon D-80, is showing ERR on the display.  Somehow, the camera isn’t speaking to the lens.  Not sure how this falling out occurred, but to restore them to their previous relationship will require some mailing back and forth and money that he doesn’t have.  Bummer!  Nevertheless, we went out to the Nature Center with two Panasonic Lumix cameras that I got for free from Steve’s aunt.  We walked around the lake and found the frozen waterfall below the dam.  And he showed me how to focus manually, which really made me happy!  We are now sitting at the dining room table, laptops side by side, playing with our pictures and spooning up some re-heated chili while a chicken roasts in the oven.  Here are some of my photo results from the day:

I have lots more playing around to do and more to share, but this will be enough for today.   I’m spending time with my son!!!  🙂

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