While the gettin’s good…

All of our snow seems to be falling on Europe this year, so we’re going to seize the opportunity to do some spring hiking in February!  “Let’s get while the gettin’s good!”, as they say.  (They who?  Not really sure who says this any more…)

Here are some early spring photos from my walks this weekend:

First robin in a ginko tree

Red-tailed hawk feathers

Fertile farmland

Blue and gold (for Helen)

Enjoy the white stuff, my friends across the pond!  I’m going mud walking!

One thought on “While the gettin’s good…

  1. Thank you for the blue and gold Scilla 😉 You will see all snow photos from me this week.. much of it is gone now but due to be back at the weekend. Lovely to photograph but terrible to walk about on !
    Love the Robin and what a beautiful tree..

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