Trees’ Company

I took a walk yesterday; it’s still un(r/s)easonably warm.   One thing I like about this little residential cell in greater Milwaukee is the number of trees.  Here are some shots:

From the ground up: roots...




Sadly, sometimes all that’s left of a great tree is a footprint.

Have you hugged a tree today?  Thanked one for matching breaths with you?  Photographed one for Earth’s Family Album?

5 thoughts on “Trees’ Company

  1. I am a treeaholic Scilla and live in the most deforested county in the Uk…but I am heartened to see that this winter trees are being planty all over the place in quite lareg numbers…long may it continue 🙂
    I have a weeping willow ( amongst others) in my garden and it’s one of my favourite trees..
    Love these shots..

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