So Many Books…

…and so many writers.  I was preparing shipments for our online book business (Scholar & Poet Books – available on Amazon, Alibris, ABE and books; pardon the Christmas season advert, but it might help!) this morning and thinking about “being a writer”.  I am planning to enter a Memoir/Personal Essay contest at the suggestion of my teacher.  I had a dream that probably relates to this idea a few nights ago.  I dreamed that I was in a dance studio with gym mats on the floor and a wall of mirrors.  I was in line to attempt a splits leap.  I had a press photo of David Hallberg in mind, and I wanted to see if I could look like that.  Of course, I know I can’t, but I wanted to try.  So I got to the front of the line, and all the others are turned to watch me go, and they totally blocked the runway.  I kept asking them to move, but they were still in the way.  And then some of them started pulling up the mats.  “Hey!  I still haven’t had my turn yet!”  I was trying to put the mats back and move the people and all chaos was breaking loose, and I woke up.  So I told Steve about my frustrating dream and how I just wanted a chance to try, even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it well.  He responded, “You know who those people are in your way, don’t you?”  Of course.  Everyone in your dream is you.  The people getting in the way of me attempting my big leap are…me.

David Hallberg (photo by Gene Schiavone)

So I’m going to submit an entry, and I’m going to call myself a writer in my mind because that’s what I’ve been doing since my last birthday: writing.  And I’m aware that I may never make any money doing this.  I look at the book jacket photos of writers and handle their wares on a daily basis almost.  I read blogs by published writers.  I still have a feeling that they are a different breed.  They have degrees in writing; they have ambition.  I have thoughts.  I am dreamy and lazy and I don’t “work”.  And I’ve never lived in New York.  It seems like any “real” writer must have lived in New York at some point.  Too bad.  At least I can get out of the way of my own runway and give it a shot.   I am old and not too flexible and I’ve never been able to do the splits.  But it might be fun to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I go leaping by.  It’ll probably end with me having a good laugh.

8 thoughts on “So Many Books…

  1. I for one love the way you write; it always holds my interest. I share your love of books and collect first editions… I have some really beautiful ones too.. I’m sure I shall write about this love at some point.!! (p.s could you find me a tall dark scorpio too please 😉

  2. I’m reminded of something Patrice (I think it was her– she’s a good person to attribute any floating wisdom to) told me, and I’ll paraphrase it here: A singer is anyone who sings. A dancer is anyone who dances. Participation is the only qualification you need. And if a writer is anyone who writes, you may not be just A writer but two or three writers. 😀 You enter that contest, mama!

    P.S. Have you ever thought of getting in on the NaNoWriMo madness? I would have this year if I weren’t in school.

  3. I bet David Halberg gets a laugh out of that photo too. For anyone even minutely depth perception challenged, it looks as if he is sitting on the stairs with his legs on crooked. I imagine your leap will look anatomically correct at least. (That is my weird, metaphorical way of saying your writing will be honest & true to life — your life.) Go for it!

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