In 14 hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…

Happy Columbus Day.  In my family, the tradition is to play selections from Stan Freeburg’s “The United States of America” on this day.  Especially the song “It’s a Round, Round World”.  Just because it’s silly and we’ve memorized the whole record.  Yes, record.  As in vinyl.  It was from Jim’s collection.

“You have a dream?”  “Yes, I do.”   “Would you like to talk about it?”

Yes, I would.  My dream is to live a life of discovery, to open my eyes and ears and arms and senses to the vast experiences of this round, round world.  To open my mind to possibilities for living, to find ways of peace, of tolerance and acceptance.  To learn from the earth, from the other living things around me, what it is to be in harmony with my surroundings.  I want to discover how to live in grace.

To look far off

and close up

to notice relationships

and contrasts

Awareness, appreciation, attitude, action, activism and education.  Discovery, embodiment, and teaching.  The way of the bodhisattva, actually.

Yes, that’s my dream.

4 thoughts on “Discoveries

  1. Thanks so much for the compliment! Seeing your work on your blog puts that into perspective as high praise. I am a believer in the transformative experience. I visited the Grand Canyon when I was 10 on my first trip west of the Mississippi. I was catapulted into my John Denver years and never recovered. Ed Abbey is the voice I hear now when I think of the Canyon. Not an idealist, but spiritual and gritty, acknowledging the dark and light sides.

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