Okay, so we didn’t set off on our camping trip today.  Steve’s feeling a bit…odd.  Low energy.  So, instead, we’re going to see a foodie film that’s part of the Milwaukee Film Festival (“El Bulli – Cooking in Progress”), and we’ll set out tomorrow.  We also picked out a new novel to read aloud.  This is a tradition that we started the first year we were dating.  We began with Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, and now we’ve begun The Plumed Serpent by D.H. Lawrence.  Also, check out my new blog bling, Brighter Planet’s 350 Challenge Patch.  It’s at the end of my posts.  One week from yesterday is the Diabetes Step Out Walk.  There’s a link to that down there, too.

My personal gold star for the day was letting Steve sleep in until 11am without getting anxious about a change in our plans.  I am becoming a more spontaneous person.  My kids will applaud.

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