Cold Snap

In my tree-house bedroom, I sleep with an open window 3 feet from my head.  The moon shines on my pillow, the air rushes in off the waving branches.  It got down to 37 degrees Farenheit last night.  We wondered if we’d find many insects on this morning’s nature walk with a home school group.  We found a few live ones, a bunch of dead ones, and some merely sluggish ones.   One spider was keeping warm by wrapping a big leaf around itself  and its egg case.  I found a wooly bear caterpillar that didn’t even make it to the beginning of winter.  Change and impermanence.  And beauty.  Here are some shots from the Nature Center.

Follow the goldenrod path

Or go down the silver tunnel

Riches all around.  Seize the day, bottle the sunshine, put up some vegetables, ’cause change is in the air.   I have a ham bone in the freezer from Aunt Rosie.  Anybody have a good pea soup recipe?

2 thoughts on “Cold Snap

  1. This recipe looks really good and savory – lots of herbs. But it won’t help me use the ham bone from Aunt Rosie : ( I’m sure that makes it healthier, though. I wonder if I can throw it in nevertheless?

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