I Heart Wisconsin

I love my weekdays.


I Heart Wisconsin

Being unemployed and self-employed, we get to do what we want.  So, if it’s going to be in the 80s for one more day this year, we get to go outside and revel in it.   Which we did.  We ended up on the Ice Age Trail somewhere near Milton, Wisconsin.  There are 2 wildlife refuge areas nearby.  Walking is a pleasure.  Despite the high temperature, the breeze was cool and dry, especially off the little lake we found.  The Ice Age Trail is well maintained, so I could wear shorts without risking poison ivy or thistle scratches.  We saw familiar friends: a great blue heron, a red-tailed hawk, frogs, squirrels, chipmunks, spiders, etc.  And a black cat on the trail ran from us and into a cornfield, reminding me that Halloween is not too far away.  Walking behind Steve “Happy Long Legs”, watching that little bounce in his step, was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.  Wisconsin is a great state.  Aldo Leopold and John Muir lived here; its beauty is the stuff that fuels naturalists for life.  I am truly lucky to be here.  Here are a couple of thousand more words about that:

No, that’s not poison ivy, just a kiss before I leave this place.  Follow your bliss, people.  Why live any other way?

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