3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 3

  1. Very nice! Pretty centerpiece–makes me nostalgic for autumn! I love the background of books. We used to have shelves from floor to ceiling in every room. Mom said they were good insulation, and the prettiest wallpaper you could have. I agree! My sister’s art and my books are in a constant battle for wall space in this house.

    • Being renters, I’m not comfortable making holes in the wall, but we can certainly “decorate” up to the ceiling with books! I enjoy your party photos so much; I was thinking of your Aloha shots while I searched through my files. I guess my party style is a bit more subdued…real introverted, actually. Ah, well. It’s all good.

  2. Dear Scilla,
    Sometimes there are lovely quiet evenings where we sit around a game board with a cup of tea, and I like that just as much. Apples and oranges, I think. As you say, it’s all good.

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