Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

My 2017 photo Favorites have to include those I took of my favorite son, who got married and asked me to do his wedding photo shoot. 

My other 2017 photo Favorites would be those I took while traveling and camping in 8 National Parks/Monuments with my favorite camping companion, Steve. 

It’s been a very special photo year for me! To all you Photo-philes in the Northern Hemisphere, happy Winter Solstice – may you rejoice in the return of LIGHT!

2017 Favorites

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend

The example set for this challenge is exceptional. Please take a look at Krista’s post on WordPress. 

I am thrilled when someone sets the bar high.
 “We can do better,” Steve often says, as a sort of mantra to a deeper call to “do no harm”. Here he is in Canyonlands National Park, just outside of Bears Ears National Monument. Can we ascend to higher thinking about how we treat wild places?   

The newest addition to the National Park system is Pinnacles National Park. What is our goal for protecting the natural beauty and balance of this place we call America? Have we reached that summit? Are we striving to ascend towards it?

“We can do better.” It doesn’t matter where you start. Ascend, and see how your perspective changes.